DC Swiss UK LTD was established to develop and distribute DC Swiss SA products throughout the UK and Ireland and became part of the global DC Swiss SA Group of companies.

DC Swiss SA has an unrivalled reputation for producing world leading quality threading tools.

Alongside DC products we also have exclusive agreements allowing us to offer solid carbide round tools, tapping accessories, synchronised soft rigid tapping technology, self-reversing heads, automated deburring, chamfering, spot face and counterbore tools and heat shrink technology.


DC Swiss possess high level specialist skills and many years of experience in threading technology, which have earned the company international prestige.

Thread cutting tools from DC Swiss are made using the latest and most modern production technologies to guarantee economy of cost and extremely consistent, fault-free manufacture,

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Our Partners

William Cook Leeds had been manufacturing complex rail components that had various M8 to M20 threads and had been struggling due to the material spec and the fact that some threads were 4xD and down tight counterbores. DC Swiss UK came in with some potential solutions of which the most successful one lead to an unbelievable increase in threads which ultimately saved…

Ian Mclean

MD DC Swiss UK

With the help of DC Swiss UK we went from breaking taps in virtually every 3rd component to tool life managing taps to be changed after 50 components without a single broken tap. I would highly recommend anyone with threading issues and even possibly without to let DC Swiss see if they can improve your process……

Phil Mosley

Technical Manager Machine Shop

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